HealthCare atHOME confuses Mumbai’s local train commuters with its latest campaign

Find out how with an estimated ridership of 8 million daily passengers, the Mumbai local trains became the perfect vehicle for this innovative campaign!


Imagine that it is rush hour in one of the Mumbai Local trains. In a jam-packed compartment, your ears are tuned to pick the announcement about the arriving station when suddenly, the announcer forgets the next station’s name. Instead, she takes the name of a station that doesn’t even exist.


Recently, millions of commuters on the Western line of Mumbai Suburban Railway trains heard these forgetful announcements in English, Hindi and Marathi. Not a software glitch or an employee’s fault, these are part of a disruptive, Mumbai launch campaign by one of the well-known healthcare service providers in India.


Regular forgetfulness is a key symptom not only in Alzheimer’s but many other mental health conditions. Sadly, these diseases often remain undiagnosed because in our society, forgetfulness is considered a part and parcel of getting old. Making people aware about the symptoms of such health conditions is the first towards managing them better. Read more.

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