HealthCare atHOME launches services for patients suffering from stroke

To commemorate ‘World Stroke Day’, HCAh also launches an awareness campaign on stroke, its consequences and its possible treatment through rehabilitation

HealthCare atHOME (HCAH), has launched medical service to tackle the increasing cases of stroke in the country. While there are number of services available for stroke-related ailments, HCAH hopes to provide more comprehensive patient-centric stroke rehabilitation care at the comfort of patients’ homes.

Today, there is lack of holistic multidisciplinary patient-centric care plan for rehabilitation services at home. Reportedly, HCAH not only brings home a well-coordinated multidisciplinary team i.e. physiotherapists, speech therapists, nurses & healthcare attendants but also brings e-monitoring, clinical quality audits, stroke-related equipment and consumables under one roof.


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