Home Healthcare services a viable solution to fight shortage of beds this Dengue season

The much-awaited monsoon rains, while bringing immense relief from the oppressive summer heat, also heralds dreaded cases of diseases like dengue, chikungunya, typhoid and malaria. Until May 31 2017, even before the onset of monsoon, a total of 11,402 cases of dengue and 11 deaths due to the virus have been reported throughout the country. Kerala with 4,735 cases, recorded 41.5% of the total dengue cases. In the capital Delhi, while the numbers haven’t gone up as much, they are certainly on the rise. The latest data released by the Municipal Corporations of Delhi (MCD) mentions a total of 61 dengue and 131 chikungunya cases in the city and neighboring areas right from January onwards, which is usually considered to be a non-transmission period. On a worrying note, there were 21 cases of dengue and 35 of chikungunya in just one week in June.

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