India’s Growing Healthcare Burden has a Solution at ‘Home’

India, sometimes, can be a strange paradox. While the nation has credible ambitions to be a world economic powerhouse and has already taken massive strides in science and technology, there are very worrisome fronts.


To be an economic powerhouse, one critical factor is to build a healthy population – the workhorses of the future. The other is that the nation’s healthcare expenditure and the lack of facilities should not be a drag on the economy.


As India marches ahead, the nation still struggles with substantial issues and worrying gaps in healthcare system. These include an increasing rate of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) due to changes in lifestyle & the substantial increase in ageing and the geriatric population. Some call it the Japan syndrome where longer lifespan due to improvements in preventive medicine is ironically leading to a problem in caring for the elderly. India’s geriatric group is expected to constitute 11% share of population by 2025.


Click to read how Vivek Srivastava, CEO HealthCare atHOME expresses that home healthcare can reduce the nation’s healthcare expenditure.

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