Taking healthcare beyond hospitals

Home healthcare has been able to step in to ensure that hospitals are able to take care of their patients beyond the hospital. Dr Gaurav Thukral, Chief Operating Officer, of HealthCare atHOME, gives an insight


With disease burden on the rise in India due to ailments triggered by lifestyle changes and geriatric population, the pressure on conventional delivery of medical care systems like hospitals and hospitalisation would be tremendous. One emerging option to ease this pressure is home healthcare.


There is a misconception amongst some in the healthcare industry that home healthcare is a competitor to hospitals. But, at the outright, let me say that home healthcare providers instead of competing, support hospitals as a step down care partner. As hospital crowding, bed limitations and burden on doctors increases, home healthcare steps in to ensure that hospitals are able to take care of their patients beyond the hospital. Hospitals now have the option to have their beds available for more patients by handing over post – operation cases or critically ill but stable patients to a partner which continues to provide the patients with quality care at the comfort of their home.


Organised home healthcare industry stands as a strong support system for the hospitals owing to their investment in world class training for their staff and high quality clinical set ups made available at patient homes. Along with providing visibility to the hospital beyond the hospital by becoming their extended arm, home healthcare providers also become a mechanism for quick feedback and immediate action on it. The importance of closing the feedback loop has become critical due to the unfortunate rise in mistrust towards hospitals.


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