Till Death Do Us Part

Discussion on ‘end of life’ is limited to conference halls and boardrooms. The media furor around the subject has heightened owing to the recent bill on passive euthanasia and various cases of aged people addressing their wish for a peaceful death to their family and even to the President. But at homes, this subject is still a taboo. Despite death being a reality for the terminally ill patients, family members avoid discussion on the subject till it is too late. Many of us believe that long-term steps, such as Mediclaim or Life Insurance policy covers for self and family, are sufficient preparation. Although they do support the family financially in case of medical emergencies but when the eventuality of death looms near, finances become just one of the many concerns. In such unfortunate circumstances, the family is more concerned about making the process most comfortable for the terminally ill patient by ensuring best quality care and proximity of loves ones.


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